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Our main purpose is to achieve excellence in planning innovative and inspiring solutions for interior furnishing, in order to improve the final user’s happiness, wellness and creativity and at the same time to enhance creators’ joy, satisfaction and pride.



Our guidelines are trust, respect, inclusion and communion and they allow us to reach our goals. The Italian talent and expertise in the furniture field is the means to our ends.



The Interior Solution Lab logo, designed by the artist Cristina Balsotti, is a bridge. It represents the union between two apparently different worlds and yet they have plenty of things in common.
It represents inclusion, trust and, at a closer look, also hope and an optimistic view of the future.

a great project is worth as much as every single individual who carries it out

who we are

our story

Andrea Ghironi was born in La Spezia, on July 1st 1977 from Loredana and Sergio, his beloved parents.

He attended the Primary School, Secondary School and the Scientific High School in Villafranca, a town in the Lunigiana area, Tuscany. Then he got his degree in Business Administration at the University of Parma, and completed a Post Graduate Course in Business Process Management.

He worked in SCIC -Cucine D’Italia in the Export Department: he travelled around the 5 continents, developing the Company’s sales networks.

Then Estel Office time came and he acquired skills managing different brand in the most wide range of occasions and also managing integrated projects.

After that experience, he lastly worked in Mascagni, a Company which gave him the opportunity to implement his contract management knowledge and that fostered, in complete agreement with the entrepreneur, the idea of this second branch that will have led Andrea to his next step.

Interior Solution Lab was born in 2012. In this Company Andrea can now create his vision, perfected throughout the years to achieve satisfaction for all the involved parties. His envisioned process includes: careful evaluation of the customer’s specific needs, creative problem solving, process and product innovation, creation of a network of Italian companies completely aligned with the project and willing to create a cooperating force to study and create integrated solutions that comprehend both the technical and the design aspects.

Managing different processes is the core operation that is essential to achieve the results, always previously agreed with the Partners, starting from logistics and timing aspects at the beginning of the project until the technical, technological and design aspects throughout all the development work.

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