In the daily vision of what we are creating, achieving the goals is not enough.

We need to take into account the people’s state of mind, the impact on the environment, and on the future; we must make our children proud of what we are drawing up for them and that they will pass on to the next generations.

Step 1

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Andrea Ghironi was born in La Spezia on July 1, 1977 from mom Loredana and dad Sergio.

He spent a happy childhood between his parents’ house and that of his grandmother Maria, better known as Osvalda, and Anna.

He never knew his maternal grandfather, Biagio, a great fisherman, who unfortunately died very young, taken away by an illness. Thanks to his paternal grandfather, Francesco, he forged a strong bond with the vineyards and the farmland and from him he inherited a love for nature and his native land.

His first playmate was his brother Tommaso and very soon they formed enduring and constructive friendships that are still alive.

Andrea is very proud of his friends and of the values that, over the years, have strongly contributed to make them grow up together and that still keep them united.

Anna, his daughter, who was born in 2011, has positively changed and turned his life around by enriching his vision of the future, his responsibility, his ideals.

Anna has contributed in an essential way to the vision “let’s change the world” that characterizes this website, and to the related investments. She inspired this section, which in turn wants to inspire as many people as possible to create a better world with less pollution, more fairness and justice, more sharing, more respect, always keeping in mind the individual freedom.