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American University of Kuwait

American University of Kuwait one of the most challenging yet exquisite projects we have delivered as a full turn-key project working with Aresline and Fonology accoustical technology delivering design & quality.

The three-dimensional development of the walls that protrude in relation to the vertical axes has triggered a series of technical challenges aimed, on the one hand, at enhancing the incredibly lively and moving design of the walls, and on the other at seeking maximum performance.

In order to carry out the work, we developed a 3D model of the entire volume of the auditorium using the most advanced on-site survey techniques. This allowed us to create a unique substructure which then allowed us to create the particular three-dimensional shape of the paneling.

We have supplied and installed: 

  • all the armchairs
  • all the custom-designed acoustic panels
  • the grid upper the main stage. The EasyGrid is an assembled steel beams structure provided at the upper corners with slots that assure the quick, solid insertion of reels and pulley for stage winches.
  • The main curtain in Velour with richness up to 100% with or without decoration include motorized curtain track and Velour main Border and Velour second Border.
  • Stage platform composed of Gala System Spiralift suitable to lift up musical instruments and piano
  • The stage black box composed of Trevira black side legs, upper borders and backdrop