Dasman Bilingual School

We have designed, engineered and constructed a comfortable and harmonious environment, by integrating custom-designed, multi-material 3D acoustic panels, audio-video and lighting systems, spectacular furnishings and new seats.

Dasman Bilingual School was founded in 1996 and is one of Kuwait’s most technologically advanced schools. The school is bilingual (English and Arabic) and offers classes from primary to secondary school, with some of the country’s highest quality teaching.

We have supplied:

  • 573 armchairs 
  • 1,500 m2 of custom-designed sound absorbent panels
  • the grid upper the main stage.  The EasyGrid is an assembled steel beams structure provided at the upper corners with slots that assure the quick, solid insertion of reels and pulley for stage winches.
  • The main curtain in Velour with richness up to 100% with or without decoration include motorized curtain track and Velour main Border and Velour second Border.
  • Motorized stage and Hall  winch LIFTSTUDIO for lighting fixtures including cable management