let's change the world



ThinkAbout believes into project development which links profitability and sustainability. 

Today each person, company, employees must think and act to “a better world” in terms of self impact.

Thinkabout and its team believes that corporate are today the best network and the best place where communicate and educate people to “a positive impact” behaviour, in terms of environmental and social ones.


Mission & Project

Thinkabout developed an e-commerce platform where companies and related employees are able to buy food products exceed the traditional distribution. They can buy exceed food product, with a 30-50% discount and save them from the loss.

Thinkabout developed a tool algorithm to calculate CO2 impact of each food product category and give back to the companies involved to communicate it into annual finance statement. As well Thinkabout is partner of Telethon, a well known platform to funding Research for rare genetical children dysfunction: Thinkabout gives to Telethon part of the annual income.